Welcome to Restore It Furniture Restoration

RESTORE IT is a modern, fully equipped restoration and woodworking facility, providing a wide range of restoration services to thousands of satisfied customers.  Our 3-step immersion stripping process will remove stubborn stains and paint, rejuvenate the natural color of aged wood, and will brighten, sanitize, and deodorize.  It’s gentle enough on fine veneers, yet will remove finishes from metal, iron, and steel.  Besides furniture, we can strip car parts, ceiling tins, porch spindles, wicker, cane, mantles, woodwork, doors, and windows, and many other things. Stripped items then move into our full-service workshop, where we can perform a wide range of repairs.  We can re-glue loose chairs and cracked table tops, replace rungs, spindles, carvings, moldings and missing veneer or hardware, or even repair rotted wood.

RESTORE IT has a high-tech finishing system that uses turbine technology to spray our finishes.  We offer a wide range of color choices and our waterborne urethane is one of the most durable, environmentally friendly finishes available on the market today.  Our glazing techniques allow us to create antique shading, hide defects, and help match new wood to old. No matter how large or small your restoration project, RESTORE IT FURNITURE RESTORATION can assist you with any or all of your stripping, repair or finishing needs.