Why Furniture Restoration?

restore-it-furniture-antique-restoration-reedsburg-wisconsin-website-image-3Everyone is looking for a good investment. Antique furniture, when properly restored, is of better quality and value then most new furniture in todays “throw away” society.  At RESTORE IT Furniture Restoration, our specialty is late 19th to early 20th century American furniture.  These functional works of art were produced in an era when quality mattered.  When “Made in the USA” didn’t need to be stamped on it.  Artisans handcrafted furniture with joints dovetailed together with mortises and tenons, rather than butt jointed together with screws.  These pieces have survived for the last 75 to 150 years and with a little care will continue to do so.  Once restored, your heirloom will be with you a lifetime and will continue to be passed down through the generations as the craftsmen who created them intended.

As a result of the popular ANTIQUES ROADSHOW television program, some people are hesitant to strip their furniture.  While this concern is certainly valid for museum quality pieces, these are extremely rare.  A new finish will offer protection from further deterioration.  Left unprotected, veneers peel, joints separate, and boards warp.  Is a `57 Chevy that’s rusted out, windshield smashed, and seats missing more valuable because it’s original, or when it is completely restored?

restore-it-furniture-antique-restoration-reedsburg-wisconsin-website-image-11Sustainability is an important topic these days.  What better way to go green than, to restore an already existing piece whose resources have already been tapped? Beautiful furniture is often hidden under many layers of paint, just waiting to be restored back to its original glory.  That dark, crackled finish can be removed and refinished.  Those drawers can be made to work again.  The loose joints and peeling veneer can all be fixed. Furniture today is often made from inferior products that cannot be renewed when they wear out.  Restoration just makes sense.  You can bring these treasures from out of the past, while also investing in the future.